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In our catalogue you will find the unforgettable slim-line cycling shoes, hand-made using full-grain calfskin for the upper and real leather for the soles. Faithfull to the traditional style of shoe, used until the 1980’s, we have made them in five different styles, adapted to satisfy the demands of every cyclist. “Vintage” riders can chose the style according to the bicycle on which they are riding and the clothing they wear. Because even footwear has evolved, just like bicycles and clothing. And those who want a strict faithfulness to history cannot neglect any detail and must invest the same conscientiousness in the wardrobe as they do in the restoration of the bicycle. It starts with the model used up until the 1930s, with a flat sole and a uniform upper that was subsequently perforated to allow the foot to breathe during the many hours spent in the saddle. Later, the sole became curved, to follow the anatomy of the foot. The model remained virtually unchanged until the end of the 1980s, with the arrival of synthetic materials.

These are the five types of shoes offered by Tiralento.

One with “little heels” in real leather for those who use pedals with toe-grips (model Fermapunta).

One with the flat sole and non-perforated upper, for those who want to identify themselves with the cyclists of the beginnings, up to the 1930s (model Forzati della strada).

One with the predisposition for the modern pedals with quick release (model Sgancio rapido).

A “comfortable” model for those who alternate pedalling with long periods on foot, pushing the bicycle by hand (model Trainite).

Finally, the walking prototype for use during leisure time, the same model worn by the staff (mechanics and masseurs) of the teams of the golden age of cycling (model Passeggio). Of this last model, a coloured version has been created, an exemplary “eccentric vintage” to blend the strict style of the past with contemporary colour.