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Finest-quality products made in Italy today just like in the past

A young brand with a long heritage

Tiralento was created on the spur of emotion by a group of cycling veterans, united by their great passion for cycling, who wanted people to rediscover the unique clothing and footwear worn by competitive cyclists up to the late 1970s.

Our collection will take you on a journey back in time. We would like to share with you our dream and let you rediscover the appeal of retro products. We guarantee the utmost attention to detail, using the highest quality materials and manufacturing in a style true to the original.



Our wool jerseys, designed for a perfect fit, feature attractive original graphics and the lettering is finely embroidered using traditional chainstitching.

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Shorts and tights

The shorts with rear pocket are made of uncarded wool and come only in black. The tights are characterised by a loose weave and lack of seat.

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If you are looking for an impeccable outfit, reflecting the true cycling heritage, go for a jersey-and-shorts combo or, alternatively, a combination of jumper, tights and woolen cap.

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To complete the perfect outfit of the vintage cyclist we offer the leather “Danish” helmet, faithfully reproduced in every detail.

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The shoes are strictly in black. The upper is made of soft calf’s leather, with the traditional perforations, and the sole in genuine leather. They come in three different styles: with leather and brass cleats for lovers of the retro look; a walking shoe for the fashion-conscious cyclist to wear off the bike; and a “rapid-release” model for more modern tastes.

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Training jumpers

Perfect for training, we suggest you also wear it while off the bike. They come in a “lightweight” variant, with a finer weft, as well as a thicker “heavyweight” version.

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Cycling tracksuits

The pre-race tracksuit features a top with short neck zip. The trousers have a stay-pressed crease and the side zips at the ankles originally used in the ’70s.

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Woolen caps

Woolen cap with short peak and protection for neck and ears.

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We have combined our deep-rooted passion for cycling with the Italian tradition of handmade craftsmanship and the manufacturing methods used in the late 1970s.

When you choose Tiralento we promise you the highest-quality apparel, made in Italy using natural materials.

The result of work driven by passion is a dream come true.