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Privacy and cookies

We believe that an appropriate privacy policy is a sign of respect and trust in our customers. This is precisely why Comaf srl intends to comply with all the standards and regulations on the processing of personal data. Comaf srl hereby declares that it aims to inform its customers about the purposes and processing of their personal data and that it will request their consent to utilise such data for a number of purposes.

Customers will be able to navigate the web site without providing any personal details. Customers visiting the web site cannot be identified and they will remain anonymous unless they specifically decide to provide their personal data and/or to access their account.

1. Collection and processing of personal data

1.1 Collection and processing of personal data
Your personal data will be collected and processed for the following purposes and according to the following criteria.
a. Purchase order: Comaf srl will collect and process your personal data to record and process your purchase order and any complaints you may have after you make your purchase as well as to provide you with our available services. You data are essential to process your order and to carry out any transactions with our commercial partners (for example banks and couriers). Please remember to indicate a correct delivery address and contact telephone number on your purchase order to allow Comaf srl to process your order promptly. Comaf srl needs your telephone number to contact you if we have any queries or need any clarifications or to help our commercial partners to process your order without delay. We need your email address to confirm receipt of your order and for any subsequent communication. You email address is your user ID when you access your account.

b. Your personal account – login page. You personal data and the information regarding any orders you have placed are stored within the Comaf srl system but they are not freely acessible for privacy reasons. Comaf srl ensures that all his customers have access to a password-protected private area of its web site. It is your responsibility to keep such login data confidential and not to divulge them to third parties, as required by the applicable law and regulations. Comaf srl cannot be held responsible in any way for any inappropriate or incorrect use of such login data by the customer.

c. Newsletter. Comaf srl will use your data to update you on promotions and to send you information and updates on its products available through Your email address will be used only according to the applicable law and, if required, only if you have given your explicit consent. From time to time you will receive emails with updates on our products, promotions and special offers. You may unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by sending an email to or by clicking on the option “cancella ricezione newsletter” (unsubscribe from newsletter), included at the bottom of each message.

1.2 Collection of personal data through cookies
You don’t have to accept any cookies whilst browsing our web site However, it is important to note that you can put items in your shopping basket and send us orders only if you have consented to the use of cookies. Cookies are text files which are saved on your computer and which allow Comaf srl to record a number of parameters sent to our IT system for the purpose of monitoring and analysing how customers use our web site. These data also allow us to tailor our web site to our customers’ needs and to make it easier to use (for example, if your searches have been saved, you won’t need to repeat them at every visit). Many of these cookies are automatically deleted by your computer at the end of each browsing session but a number of them will be saved on your hard disk. They will stay on your hard disk for a relatively long period of time (a few years) to facilitate browsing. Once you have visited our web site, our system is able to recognise you at every subsequent visit and it will recover any searches you made and any information you provided during that first visit. Thanks to these cookies you won’t have to retype your password or complete lengthy forms at every visit. You can disable the cookies by selecting the relevant item on privacy settings menu on your browser.

2. Accepting our terms and conditions

By reading this privacy statement, your are expressly authorising us to collect, process and use your personal data for the purposes and according to the procedures specified in section 1 above. Your consent will be recorded in Comaf srl system and can be withdrawn at any time with immediate effect.

3. Your rights

You are entitled to know how we collect and process your personal data as well as the purposes for which we collect them. You are also entitled to know the logic we apply when we process them electronically as well as the name and details of the person or firm responsible for processing your personal data, of their representatives and of the individuals/entities or group of individuals/entities that could receive or have access to your data.

Morevover, you are entitled to: have your personal data (a) updated or amended, i.e. integrated, as necessary; (b) deleted or anonymised as well as blocked if your data have been processed in breach of the law, including cases when such data were collected and processed for purposes that did not require such data to be stored; (c) a declaration stating that the individuals/entities that have received or to whom such data have been disclosed are aware of transactions (a) and (b), including their content, except instances where complying with such requirement was impossible or would involve an amount of effort and resources disproportionate to the right that is being protected.

4. Processing entity

The data processing entità is Comaf srl, Via G. Ungaretti, 9/11, 63844 Grottazzolina (FM) ITALY