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the perfect union
between intimate memories
and professional skill

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The “Danish” helmet
the perfect accessory
for the vintage cyclist

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Walking shoes
in coloured

Paolo Fresu has choosen
the light blue ones

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Customize your garments
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For those who love cycling history

view our “Replica” jerseys

The distinctive garment,
which, in its small way,
marked a stage in the
development of cyclists’ clothing

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The time-honoured
cycling leather shoes
for pedals
with toe-grips

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The unforgettable
jerseys worn by the
legendary champions
for the Tour de France

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Match short and jersey set,
to complete the perfect retro look

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Comfortable wool
cycling tracksuits
perfect to be worn
also off the bike
in your leisure time

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Training jumpers


Cycling tracksuits


Woolen caps

Do you belong to a cycling team? Request a quote for quantities.


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The characters of Tiralento

  • Tiralento made sure I got the right size, before shipping. Package arrived in Denmark within a few days. Quality seems to be good. So now I'm almost Fausto Coppi!
  • Thanks to Gianni for the compliment Isa, but I’d rather wish I still had got the legs to go for the win… Now I am a ‘salon-coureur’, like they call someone like me in Belgium. But nevertheless, I always get a lot of compliments for my outfit, almost every rider asks me where I get those fantastic looking jerseys. Last time in Lennik the granddaughter of Edgard Sorgeloos (domestique of Rik Van Looy in the Solo Superia-team in the 60’s) came to me after the race and asked me where I got my jersey. She thought it was an original one from that era. So the name of ‘Tiralento’ is going around in the circuit
    Johan B. Declercq
  • Peter made the podium with a 3rd place! Thanks again for the nice jersey, I almost felt like Ward Sels
  • Got a new pair of reproduction wool shorts. Best of the three different brands I’ve tried
    Michael G. — USA
  • SCIC/World Champion jumper received this morning. Excellent… a really great training top! Thanks again to everyone there for their help!
    Mark K. — UK
  • The jersey arrived and looks great. Many thanks for all your help and management on this!  Tiralento is really giving me a fantastic service. I will do very good publicity of Tiralento in La Eroica Hispania. As promised, I will send you one picture this week end from La Eroica Hispania.
    Manuel R. — Spain